Schlumberger woos ivy league

Schlumberger Information Services is to donate $7.8 million of E&P software to Harvard’s Earth Science department.

Schlumberger Information Solutions is donating E&P software with a street value of $7.8 million to the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at Harvard University. The software is provided through the Schlumberger’s worldwide university software program, which has already donated $455 million of software to over 250 universities worldwide.


Harvard natural sciences professor John Shaw said, “The software provides students, researchers, and faculty with tools for cutting-edge research in seismic imaging and structural analysis.”


SIS president Ihab Toma added, “ We are pleased that our software will allow Harvard earth scientists to gain new insights into reservoir science and prepare them for careers in earth sciences.” Donated software includes 10 concurrent use licenses comprising 160 modules of the following applications: geological and geophysical, petrophysical, 3D visualization and reservoir modeling software including GeoFrame.

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