Microsoft, PwC and electroBusiness team

electroBusiness and partners PricewaterhouseCoopers are rolling out an e-business document standard for invoices and purchase orders using Microsoft’s .NET technology.

electroBusiness, PricewaterhouseCoopers Business Process Outsourcing (PwC BPO) and Microsoft are launching an oil and gas industry initiative to ‘equip the entire industry’ with electronic document solutions for exchanging transactional information, such as invoices, purchase orders and EFT payments.


Coupled with this initiative, electro-Business is demonstrating eBweb, the latest addition to the company’s e-Business Utility document integration platform. eBweb provides the e-Business Utility’s multi-enterprise interconnectivity so that smaller companies can ‘gain the advantages of interacting with their many clients or suppliers with a simple, affordable and flexible solution’.


Cal Fairbanks, CEO of electroBusiness, said, “The oil and gas industry wants to leverage e-Business solutions to maximize efficiencies. We have teamed up with PwC BPO and Microsoft to enable producers to gain full advantage of electronic document exchange through maximizing adoption by their trading partners. We are focused on solving the supplier-adoption issue with solutions that are as open, flexible and affordable for suppliers as they are for their major clients.”

Microsoft .NET

Among the enterprise systems connected by the e-Business Utility is SoftFusion, PwC BPO’s integration broker, e-procurement portal and vendor portal for enterprise clients. PwC BPO and electroBusiness both use Microsoft .NET technology to build and deploy their e-Business solutions. More from

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