PGS prospects for Unocal

PGS consultants are to add prospect generation to Unocal’s EnergyOpps A&D portal.

Unocal has awarded PGS Reservoir Consultants a contract to perform prospect generation. This pilot project is the result of Unocal’s efforts to leverage external industry experience and resources as part of its EnergOpps web-based initiative (see Oil IT Journal Vol. 6 N° 6).

Gulf of Mexico

PGS’ team will interpret a large 3D seismic survey in the western Gulf of Mexico and PGS will generate exploration concepts based on its knowledge of the project area and its regional Gulf of Mexico GIS database.


PGS chairman and CEO Reidar Michaelsen said “We are very pleased to see our Consulting group help expand PGS’ role beyond that of a traditional seismic data provider. We are looking forward to providing Unocal with a high level of input and to helping further their Gulf of Mexico exploration program.”


Unocal’s EnergyOpps is a branded electronic data room hosted by Petroleum Place. Carl Lothringer, Unocal’s GOM joint venture manager said, “Assets such as primary term leases and producing properties that have become non-core to Unocal are very likely to be another operator’s bread and butter. EnergyOpps will allow us to efficiently advertise our opportunities to those operators.”

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