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Landmark has integrated Halliburton’s Ultra petrophysical application into PetroWorks. Ultra tunes petrophysical computation for borehole conditions and tool geometries.

Landmark has integrated parent company Halliburton’s Ultra petrophysical application into its PetroWorks R2003 product line. Ultra applies statistical analysis to data from multiple wells to estimate wellbore lithology and fluid properties over the entire reservoir.


Landmark president and CEO Any Lane said, “Increasingly complex reservoirs, more sophisticated wellbore measurements and advanced interpretive models are challenging conventional reservoir evaluation methods. Ultra overcomes these limitations and provides much more rapid and accurate formation evaluation with a high degree of confidence. Integrating Ultra into Landmark’s interpretation environment will enable our customers to better understand their reservoirs and ultimately optimize asset development.”

Halliburton Energy Services

Ultra, which was originally developed by Halliburton Energy Services (HES), analyzes variations in borehole conditions and uncertainty in tool response to provide a probabilistic model of reservoir properties. Users can input which measurements, assumptions, local knowledge or geological and geophysical constraints to apply in the modeling. Ultra is designed for multi-well and multi-zone batch processing of data stored in OpenWorks.


HES president John Gibson said, “The release of Halliburton’s Ultra technology in the PetroWorks environment provides the industry with a unique and powerful tool that will improve the quality of reservoir evaluations and reserves estimates. This technology demonstrates the innovative solutions that Landmark and Halliburton are delivering together.”

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