Stratimagic II integrates VoxelGeo

The latest version of Paradigm’s seismic stratigraphy tool now incorporates multi-attribute classification technology from ENI-AGIP.

Paradigm Geophysical, has just released a new version of Stratimagic, its seismic facies classification and analysis solution. Stratimagic II part-automates seismic interpretation and ‘helps the interpreter understand the seismic response to geologic features’.

VoxelGeo integration

The new release of Stratimagic offers multi-attribute classification and integration with Paradigm’s flagship VoxelGeo volume-based seismic interpretation solution. Stratimagic II also boasts expanded interoperability with third party databases.

Neural Net

Stratimagic’s new multi-attribute classification process uses patented neural network technology that is claimed to reveal ‘subtle reservoir characteristics that had previously remained hidden’.


Stratimagic Product Manager Andy Peloso explains, “No single attribute provides all the information required to characterize a reservoir. Multi-attribute classification provides a detailed description of the reservoir, resulting in a more accurate reservoir description and ultimately improved reservoir development decisions.”


Stratimagic now includes the NexModel seismic calibration tool and the StratQC integrated mapping module. Multi-attribute volume classification is provided by the new SeisFacies module which was developed by ENI-AGIP.

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