INT offers GIS widgets

Graphic ‘widget’ (component) developer INT has released J/GIS - its new geographical information system (GIS) toolkit.

Software graphics component developer INT has just released J/GIS 1.0, a suite of Java components designed to visualize and query geospatial data. J/GIS allows developers to visualize geographic information and integrate it with other forms of business intelligence. J/GIS claims a high degree of interactivity and fast rendering performance and is used to tailor solutions for scientific and business applications, process control, and more.


INT president Olivier Lhemann believes, “GIS is emerging as an integral component of nearly every type of business service. With its features and focus on performance, J/GIS reduces the cost and time necessary to develop these new services.”

Live data

J/GIS components can be used to develop custom user interfaces, complex displays, live data feeds, and customizable queries. INT’s components also interface with existing systems to enhance services while preserving investments in data and infrastructure.


With J/GIS, analytical and decision support tools can be constructed from standardized components, streamlining the development process and reducing deployment times. The first release of J/GIS offers customized, cross-platform geospatial querying and rendering, web-enabled or standalone spatial solutions, support for standard industry data formats, on-the-fly coordinate transformations and scaled hardcopy with preview. A 30-day evaluation of J/GIS is now available on all platforms that support Java 2D 1.3 or above. More from

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