Landmark and IBM offer integration

Following its deal with Accenture, Landmark Graphics has augmented its partnering through a global IT/IM deal with IBM.

IBM and Landmark Graphics Corp. have signed a three-year agreement to deliver IT solutions to the upstream oil industry. The agreement covers the provision of Landmark software along with IBM hardware, system integration services and support.


Landmark and IBM will provide Linux for advanced desktop 3D graphics, servers and mobile computing solutions and advanced cluster technology for high-end super-computing applications like seismic processing and reservoir modeling. The plan is to turn Linux into ‘the E&P industry’s standard platform’.


Landmark is tuning its data management, seismic processing and interpretation software for IBM’s eServer systems and IntelliStation workstations.


Landmark VP John Sherman said, “We see support for Linux as another technology leap for our industry, offering breakthrough price performance.”


IBM petroleum manager Eric Leon added, “With Linux, E&P companies can move away from proprietary systems and make significant savings. This move is comparable to the one the industry made when it migrated from supercomputers to desktop systems.”

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