ZettaWorks announces EAI adaptors

IT consultants ZettaWorks is adapting its Enterprise Application Integration skills to the upstream by leveraging Tibco’s Hub.

The upstream has had its share of false dawns in interoperability. Centralized databases, middleware and industry cooperative efforts such as Com for Energy have all bitten the dust. ZettaWorks is offering a different approach to data sharing nirvana by leveraging Tibco’s enterprise application integration (EAI) solution, the Tibco Hub.


Houston-based IT consultants ZettaWorks has developed a range of adaptors for major energy software applications using the Tibco Adaptor software development kit (SDK) for the Tibco ActiveEnterprise. ZettaWorks adapters and adapter frameworks will allow integration of vertical geotechnical applications with ERP systems.

No more point-to-point!

The hub system means the end of point-to-point link development allowing technical applications from Landmark, Applied Terravision, ESRI and Schlumberger to exchange live data with ERP systems from SAS, Siebel, SAP, J.D. Edwards, and Oracle.


ZettaWorks claims its adapters provide a flexible and standardized way to integrate disparate software applications. The components are reusable, scalable, and ‘empower clients to evolve business processes faster by avoiding the often burdensome point-to-point interfaces.’


ZettaWorks has regional offices in Melbourne, Calgary and New York. ZettaWorks’ customers hail from the energy, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and biotechnology, communications, and retail industries. Zettaworks clients include BP, Dynegy, Shell and Western Geophysical.

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