PGS boards Linux bandwagon

PGS is porting its seismic processing suite Cube Manager to the open source Linux operating system. CM 2.5 allows for onboard compute-intensive seismic processing.

Petroleum Geo-Services Data Processing division has released the latest generation of its proprietary seismic processing system, Cube Manager (CM) v2.50, that will run its complete range of applications across Unix and Linux platforms. CM v2.50 is now tuned for large PC cluster environments. CM has been running on massively parallel computers for over a decade.


PGS Data Processing president Chris Usher explained, “PGS has created a processing system with such power and flexibility that it can run our highly compute-intensive Surface Related Multiple Elimination (SRME) for marine seismic data onboard its seismic vessels.


Pre-stack wave equation depth migration can also be performed on substantial volumes of data. Coupling such processing capabilities with our holoSeis visualization system has produced a step-change in efficiency while reaching new levels of precision in data processing.”

250 modules

The CM v2.50 release completes the port of PGS’ full processing portfolio, over 250 modules, to the PC environment. System architecture has been designed to address potential bottlenecks such as data bandwidth. CM v2.50 software is being deployed across PGS’ worldwide grid of PC cluster nodes, and it is available to all PGS external customers who license its processing solutions for Unix or Linux platforms. More from

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