Oilcats wins BP contract and CIS catalog

Data managers Oilcats is loading £500,000 worth of BP’s plant data and is working on a catalog for Craig International Supplies.

UK-based Oilcats has won a £ 500,000 data capture contract for BP. The three year contract, which may lead to the creation of five jobs, is part of BP’s on-going streamlining of business processes to improve efficiency.

Plant information

BP is enhancing the management of materials data, such as information on plant and equipment, spare parts and drilling equipment. Once the appropriate data is collated it is cleaned and entered into BP’s systems in standardized format. The objective is to improve supply chain management and offshore maintenance efficiency.


Oilcats’ MD Dave Andrews said, “This contract gives BP a fixed operating cost instead of overheads. BP also benefits from our expert knowledge in gathering accurate data and inputting it in a structured and standardized form. We have over 300 man years of experience in procurement, maintenance and materials management.”

CIS Alliance

Oilcats is also to work for procurement specialists Craig International Supplies Ltd. (CIS) to help establish its web-based initiative the ‘CIS Alliance’ as a leader in the global e-procurement market. The Alliance consisting of seven companies is the first project under the UK DTI/LOGIC e-Collaboration Champion program.


Oilcats will create an on-line stock catalogue for the Alliance using standards derived from the API’s Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX).

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