E-Marketplace for Tyumen Oil Co.

Offshore software specialist EPAM has taken over Russian software shop Exteria and is developing e-commerce for Tyumen Oil.

EPAM Systems and Russian offshore software house Exteria are to develop an e-Marketplace for Moscow-based Tyumen Oil Company (TOC). Testing of the new system is expected to start towards the end of 2002.

Open policy

The e-Marketplace is a component in TOC’s ‘open policy’ measures aimed at improving market transparency and expanding the company’s sales network. The system will make modern automation facilities available for the whole range of the TOC’s business processes, from production to sale.


The e-Marketplace will provide a procurement channel to TOC’s trade partners, improve the rate of transactions and reaction time to market changes and reduce costs.


The fusion of the e-Marketplace with TOC’s existing IT will facilitate data integration across the organization. e-Marketplace technologies will enable secure data communication with trade partners and will add new services including tuning of order-processing schemes.

EPAM acquires Exteria

Princeton, NJ headquartered EPAM Systems acquired Exteria earlier this month, consolidating EPAM’s position among technology outsourcing companies in the Former Soviet Union. The two companies will continue to focus on large North American, Western European, and Russian enterprises.


EPAM CEO Arkadiy Dobkin said, “EPAM and Exteria have a combined history of success with more than fifty enterprise-level projects in 30 countries worldwide.”

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