Well Information Portal System

Geologix’ well information portal offers browser access to well documents and information.

UK-based Geologix’ Well Information Portal System (WIPS) leverages its GEO Software applications to provide a simple, intuitive and cost-effective way of collecting and maintaining information generated during the course of a well, together with post-well reports, documents and analyses.


User feedback drove the development of the new tools which provide a compact, single-file format for well information along with the ability to distribute and share information. WIPS handles documents, reports, maps, diagrams, spreadsheets, photographs, audio files and movies in a single, compressible , GEO database file.


WIPS lets users view well logs in an internet browser and to click on a log element (for instance a core symbol), to view the associated document (e.g. a core report, core log, core analysis spreadsheet, etc.) More from www.geologix.com.

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