Accenture showcases Landmark technology

Landmark and Accenture are demonstrating new technology in a new Houston ‘Asset Management Center.’ Landmark has also opened a PetroBank data center in Calgary.

The Houston-located Landmark/Accenture Asset Management Center (AMC) is described as a ‘state-of-the-art laboratory and demonstration facility’ designed to showcase new technology in field automation, systems integration and immersive visualization. These are said to make real-time asset management and the web-enabled oilfield a reality.

Real time

The AMC collects real-time data from field operations which is integrated with the reservoir model in a secure, multi-client hosting center. Centralized data and application hosting provides support for knowledge sharing and teamwork between asset team members, partners and service companies. Distributed access allows collaboration across immersive visualization rooms, partnership operations, remote office and home/hotel locations.


Landmark president and CEO Andy Lane said, “Landmark is committed to enabling real-time asset management for our clients and making the vision of the Web-enabled oilfield a reality. We believe that this will have lower finding and lifting costs and maximize the value of our clients’ assets. This center is a proof point for the future of the industry, everything we’re showing in the AMC is based on technology that exists today.”


Bill Warren, Accenture’s managing partner for the upstream added, “The AMC offers clients the opportunity to see what these technologies can bring to their businesses. For energy companies who seek to manage their intellectual capital more effectively, the combination of Halliburton, Landmark and Accenture can help lead them into the Web-enabled oilfield era.”


Last month Landmark also opened a new multi-client data management hosting center in Calgary. The data center, located at IBM’s e-business hosting facility, will deploy the ex-PGS PetroBank data management solution.


IBM’s e-business sales manager Byron Manastyrski explained, “Availability, security and scalability are the cornerstones of IBM’s hosting services. The Calgary facility’s state-of-the-art hardware, security systems and environmental controls ensure the utmost accessibility and safety of E&P customer data, and are built to scale quickly and efficiently with our customers’ e-business needs.”


Landmark Canada manager Darcy Cuthill, added, “Currently, many E&P companies must archive redundant data stores at locations throughout Canada, making it difficult for them to provide their asset teams and business partners with consistent access to quality data. Their business-critical data assets are being stored in a secure and scalable environment.”


Mainland Information Systems Ltd. helped design and implement the hosting center. Mainland VP Michael Koury said, “Our mission is to ensure that the data and system requirements of Landmark and its customers are met without exception.”

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