Trade Ranger CIDX gateway

The client supported e-business Portal Trade Ranger is rolling-out its XML-based e-commerce standards.

Trade Ranger, the major oil company supported e-business portal has published the first version of its CIDX Gateway. The CIDX Gateway is a bridge between CommerceOne’s XML Common Business Library (xCBL) and the chemical e-Standard, supported by major petro-chemical companies and leading e-marketplaces. Trade Ranger uses CIDEX to describe products and services online.


CIDX General Availability (GA) 1.0 supports the RosettaNet Implementation Framework 1.1. RosettaNet is used by the electronics industry to underpin its e-business and is a proven specification.

Take a TRIP

To facilitate interoperability between different XML standards, Trade Ranger has introduced the concept of TRIPs. TRIPs enforce business rules on document exchange, sequence and timing and remove ambiguity as to how business documents are exchanged and clarify the purpose they serve.

Proof of concept

Trade Ranger believes that the CIDX Gateway proves the power of XML-to-XML transformation, lays the foundation for a framework-based architecture and is ‘significant progress towards a sustainable e-architecture’.

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