ESRI embraces Linux

ESRI is leveraging its Java development to deploy ArcIMS 4.0 on Linux. ArcSDE, MapObjects and ArcExplorer are also available on the the open operating system.

ESRI is offering a selection of its GIS software on Linux as what it describes as its ‘continuing commitment to open systems.’ ArcIMS 4, ArcSDE 8.2, MapObjects-Java Standard Edition, and ArcExplorer 4 software are now all supported on Linux.


The latest version of ESRI’s internet mapping system - ArcIMS 4, which began shipping last month, now runs on Intel-compatible Red Hat Linux 7.1 in addition to Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and HP-UX operating systems.


Version 8.2 of ESRI’s spatial database engine is described as ‘the GIS gateway’ for managing spatial data in a commercial database management system. ArcSDE 8.2 for Oracle is the first ArcSDE release that supports Linux servers.


MapObjects Java Standard Edition is a suite of over 900 mapping components that can be used to build custom, cross-platform GIS applications or applets. Because it is pure Java, MapObjects-Java Standard Edition can be used with Linux, Windows, and a variety of UNIX operating systems.


ArcExplorer 4 Java Edition is ESRI’s latest free GIS data viewer. Again, by developing Explorer in Java, ArcExplorer 4 is assured cross-platform support including compatibility with Linux, Windows, and a number of UNIX operating systems. ArcExplorer 4 can be downloaded free of charge from

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