Property Market from AccuMap

With help from Kobayashi and Associates, IHS unit AccuMap is rolling out an acquisitions and divestment portal for the upstream Canadian marketplace.

Calgary-based Kobayashi and Associates (K&A) Ltd. has advised IHS AccuMap Ltd. on the development of an online acquisitions and divestment portal for Canadian oil and gas assets and companies. The PropertyMarket portal is now online at and is also available as a map feature within AccuMap.

7,000 users

The combination of AccuMap’s data analysis with K&A’s financial information is said to offer buyers ‘an accurate, independent property evaluation.’ The new portal claims ‘unparalleled market penetration’ into the Canadian and U.S. oil and gas sectors, providing direct access to over 7,000 AccuMap users.

Power Tools

AccuMap’s PowerTools will be available through the PropertyMarket to provide online economic evaluation of properties. K&A plans to use the AccuMap portal for all its new divestment projects as an additional, free service to its clients.

125 offerings

Kobayashi & Associates Ltd. is an independent advisory firm specializing in the divestment of oil and gas assets and corporations. In the last 12 years, K&A has been involved in 125 offerings to the oil and gas industry.

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