PIDEX spec extended to Europe

OFS Portal is acting as a mediator between the API and Europe to harmonize e-commerce standards across the pond.

OFS Portal is extending the API/PIDX transaction standards to meet the needs of its US and European customers. OFS Portal has been collaborating with UK government-sponsored LOGIC promotional organization and the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Le Sage

OFS Portal CEO Bill Le Sage said, “OFS Portal led the team contracted to PIDX in the US last year to define a set of XML transaction standards for oilfield e-commerce. We wanted to make sure that these standards also addressed the needs of customers outside of the US. Through our collaboration with LOGIC, DTI, and other UK groups we have worked with PIDX to extend the transaction standards to the EU.”


The PIDX standards cover typical business processes associated with procurement of oilfield products and services. OFS Portal has been involved closely in this effort since the middle of 2001, providing resources and funding, and leading the PIDX ComProServ standard.

Gap Analysis

The UK DTI sponsored a gap analysis of these transaction documents against emerging EU standards from the UK Business Applications Software Developers Association. The PIDX standards have been modified to take account of different currencies and European tax structures.


These XML-based e-commerce transaction standards are expected to be ratified at the PIDX General Committee Meeting in Westminster, Colorado this month.

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