IHS offers hosted Probe

For data intensive applications like IHS’ Probe, application hosting is a neat way of reducing vendor software distribution overhead along with client software deployment headaches.

IHS Energy Group has moved into application service provision with the release of a hosted version of its Probe GIS information browser. Probe Hosted offers users browser-based access to a variety of tools for analysis and mapping of IHS Energy Group’s international E&P databases. By taking the hosting route, IHS’ clients automatically access the latest data and avoid having to manage software in-house.


Nancy Maher, Senior Manager of IT at IHS Energy Group said, “With Probe Hosted, we are not only increasing speed and convenience for existing users, but we also are making it appealing to potential users who require a high-degree of flexibility and power, yet do not want the IT requirement of managing their own software and data updates.”


IHS claims that the vanilla Probe has already proved its worth on the desktop as a front-end to IHS’ databases. Probe lets end-users develop complex queries and retrieve results in the form of spreadsheets, graphics, forms and maps. Probe is used for analyzing and evaluating a wide range of tasks including new ventures, exploration, negotiation, engineering, reservoir engineering and cartography.

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