Zettaworks offers upstream integration

Production data mining and financial data integration are feasible thanks to Enterprise Application Integration technology. ZettaWorks is tailoring the Tibco hub to the oil and gas arena.

Houston-based IT consultants ZettaWorks and Tibco Software Inc. have just announced ZettaWorks Operations Advantage (ZOA). ZOA offers real-time connectivity to oil and gas operators and is claimed to achieve rapid, low-cost integration of disparate systems. ZOA extracts user-defined data and reports from production facilities and delivers them to individualized portals.


ZettaWorks CEO Ken Neusaenger said, “Large cost savings may be realized in field operations by analyzing and comparing data in near real-time. One of the most frequent requests we receive is to automate the process of data collection and presentation from a set of disparate sources. Having a seamless and coherent view on data helps people ask the right questions and reach the right decisions.”


Tibco marketing VP Rene White added, “Integrating information onto the desktop or PDA is vital in the oil and gas sector. We are working with ZettaWorks on the development of ZOA as part of our oil and gas Industry Solutions Initiative.”


ZOA is buildt on the BusinessWorks (BW) integration solution, part of Tibco’s ActiveEnterprise product family. BW is claimed to be an easy-to-use platform that solves integration challenges in ‘bite-size chunks’. BW also provides standards-based ‘comprehensive, cross-platform’ web services for new and legacy systems, including internal application and business process integration, as well as real-time monitoring and management.

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