Hi-Definition for Shell deepwater

Shell Deepwater is to deploy communications and knowledge management software from National High Definition Systems to overcome bandwidth limitations.

Shell Deepwater Services, a division of Shell International Exploration and Production Inc., has contracted with National High Definition Systems (NHDS) for the delivery of a knowledge management solution for communicating with its deepwater drilling rigs. Following a 16-month trial period, Shell is installing the software on its deepwater rigs around the globe.

High definition

NHDS’ patented ‘High Definition Information’ (HDI) technology enables offshore rigs to send and receive information, perform complex calculations, and display daily drilling data (including actual and projected costs, as well as depth and trouble time), lessons learned, best practices, and health and safety alerts. From rigs or land-based offices, HDI software enables engineers to monitor the drilling progress of a single rig or compare the performance of multiple rigs in a region, as well as capture, share, and retrieve knowledge for solving problems, minimizing drilling costs, and avoiding mishaps.


NHDS president Stephen Beller said, “Shell came to us looking for a way engineers on deepwater rigs around the globe could share their knowledge, despite communication constraints that made traditional Internet solutions slow and impractical. Our software not only solved their bandwidth problem, but also provided an entirely new richness and quality of information, over and above the usual drilling data. The Virtual Forum provides engineers with a very efficient way to talk about what they’ve learned and to share knowledge that helps avoid and fix problems down the line.” More from www.nhds.com.

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