CAT out of Wood Mac bag

Wood Mackenzie’s ‘Corporate Analysis Tool’ plug-in to Pathfinder and GEM offers improved data mining and ad-hoc query.

Wood Mackenzie’s Corporate Analysis Tool (CAT) is an Excel –based tool which offers rapid data mining of corporate information stored in Wood Mackenzie’s database. CAT is an add-on to Wood MacKenzie’s other software tools PathFinder and GEM. CAT answers a range of typical competitor analysis queries and produces company information in the form of ranking tables, benchmarking reports and detailed field by field breakdowns.

Op Costs?

CAT offers rapid answers to question such as, “How do my operating costs compare to those of my peer group?” - “Who are the key gas players in Asia?” or “Who are the top players in terms of value in Angola and what are their key assets?” In each case CAT provides numerical analysis and ranking of major competitor’s numbers. More from

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