Landmark’s Digital Well Library

Landmark’s Digital Well Library service turns a mass of geological well information into an online asset. The new multi-pane scrolling browser is pretty neat too.

Landmark’s Digital Well Library DWL is a software and service offering which transforms well-related geological information into an accessible digital asset.


The service side of the DWL involves the digitizing of a variety of information assets such as cores, tests and photo-micrographs. Most every data type or information source is amenable to the DWL treatment including documents and reports. The service components include scoping and site design, data collection and QC, digitizing and support.

Killer app?

Speaking at the Stavanger Landmark City Forum, Conoco’s Arjen Rolf presented the DWL and demoed the impressive new front end on a twin-head workstation. This deceptively simple tool leverages client-side technologies such as Java Script along with Landmark’s WebOpenWorks browser ‘Wow’ to produce a veritable killer app for geological data browsing.


The DWL front end offers browser-based access to data in the library, with an intuitive multi-panel display. Log, cutting and core data can be displayed at different scales and variable-speed scrolling offers an intuitive display of data relationships. Clickable hotspots indicate the availability of more information, from technical reports to photomicrographs.


The synchronized, multi-scale, multi-frame scrolling tool was developed by Landmark internally as a component of the Team Workspace (TWS) data aggregation and application management solution. DWL can be delivered to the corporate portal, as a stand-alone solution, or hosted from one of Landmark’s data centers.

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