Digital Analogs 2.0

C&C Reservoirs’ new Digital Analogs database extends to 750 giant oil fields and 10,000 literature citations.

C&C Reservoirs, a Chevron spin-off, has released a new version of its Digital Analogs database of worldwide basin and play types DA 2.0 offers web-based navigation, an enhanced search engine and access to data from 750 giant fields and 900 reservoirs. DA 2.0 provides geologists and reservoir engineers with exploration history, structure, trap mechanism, depositional facies, reservoir architecture, rock and fluid properties, reserves estimates, development strategies and reservoir performance.


C&C Reservoirs CEO Qing Sun said, “This new release greatly enhances an asset team’s ability to generate low-risk prospects and identify optimum field development strategies.”

Search engine

DA 2.0 includes over 15,000 graphics and 10,000 literature citations along with a powerful search engine and database with over 180,000 items. 40 C&C Reservoirs E&P Synthesis reports are included providing categorization and analysis of clastic, carbonate, fractured and deepwater reservoirs. More from

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