GeoX 5.0 released

GeoKnowledge’s latest release of its decision support software adds user-friendly tax modeling and enhanced data browsing.

GeoKnowledge has released a new version of GeoX, its decicion support suite for the upstream. GeoX Release 5.0 introduces enhanced data browsing and reporting, greater modeling flexibility, a greater range of probability distributions and a new distribution editor option, better security and a new ‘point and click’ fiscal regime modeling option.

Decision support

GeoKnowledge claims that current prospect integration focuses on the interpretation environment. Users have to rely on a separate tool for economic evaluations leading to data loss and simplified assumptions in hand-offs. The GeoX suite by contrast, provides a complete decision-support solution. Analyses and documentation are stored in a common database facilitating knowledge capture across projects, disciplines and analysis tools. The GeoX family comprises gProspectR for prospect evaluation, gFullCycle for economic modeling and gPlayR for stochastic volumetrics. More from

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