Peloton’s new WellView is faster and secure

A new version of Peloton’s WellView information management solution promises improved performance and enhanced networked security.

Calgary-based Peloton has released version 7.0 of its well information system, WellView. WellView 6.0 is a well information management system for well planning, drilling, completion, testing and workovers. Originally developed by Merak, WellView was spun off into Peloton when Schlumberger acquired the company. Peloton says that WellView 7.0 is easier to use, faster and field work-ready, with a new remote data synchronization and
communication capability.


The new release speeds up performance and rationalizes the user interface. User feedback has led to enhancements in data entry and a shortened learning curve. WellView is now equipped with a powerful and robust two-way remote data transfer system which can work over cell phones, satellite phones, WAN, LAN, VPN, and ISP’s. Data is encrypted and compressed for security and speed and approved users can now retrieve wells from the server upon request.


New functions include mud additive costs, and bit and rate of penetration parameters. A new security administration application assists with the implementation of WellView security in Oracle and SQLServer databases. A printed Users Guide is now available. WellView was recently integrated into the Pason Hub for use on the rigsite (see OITJ Vol.7 N° 3). More from

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