IFP’s Luminus deployed by GXT

GX Technology is to offer 3D plane wave prestack depth migration using the French Petroleum Institute’s Luminus software.

GX Technology (GXT) is to offer seismic depth imaging services using the French Petroleum Institute (IFP)’s patented Luminus software. Luminus is claimed to be the industry’s first shot-based 3D plane wave prestack depth migration. The software is said to enhance imaging of complex subsurface structures in the marine environment, especially beneath salt.


GXT has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with IFP for deployment of the Luminus package which will join GXT’s other advanced imaging technologies - Optimus for shot record wave equation PSDM, Primus for amplitude-preserving Kirchhoff PSDM, and PrimeTime for curved ray prestack time migration.


GXT president Mick Lambert said, “Luminus gives our clients an edge in depth imaging in the marine environment, and represents another major step in the continued expansion of our seismic imaging services.”


IFP senior VP Gérard Friès said, “We selected GXT as the exclusive marketer of Luminus services because it is a leading provider of prestack imaging solutions and will give our technology the widest possible application. We have a very close working relationship with GXT, and this is already paying off in our ongoing enhancement of the software.”


Compute-intensive PSDM traditionally can take days of computer time. Luminus produces interpretable prestack depth volumes ‘in hours,’ allowing for QC of results early in the migration cycle. If required, modeling can be restarted - saving ‘weeks or months’ of time on iterations. More from www.gxt.com and www.ifp.fr.

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