Wellogix’ Synchrion framework

Wellogix has released new technology - the ‘Synchrion Framework’ for dynamic data exchange with Enterprise Application Integration platforms.

Wellogix, Inc. has unveiled new technology to help integrate its Wellogix software suite with customers’ legacy applications. Wellogix’ Synchrion interoperability framework provides pre-built, configurable gateways through which Wellogix products can be plugged into a variety of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platforms including Vitria Technology’s BusinessWare, IBM’s MQSeries, TIBCO’s ActiveEnterprise, webMethods’ Integration Platform, and SeeBeyond’s Business Integration Suite.


The Synchrion framework eliminates ‘swivel-chair’ data entry for multiple software environments. Instead of re-entering identical data sets into numerous applications, users of the Wellogix products can dynamically export data to or from any of their legacy applications, efficiently and accurately.


Wellogix CEO Jeff Livesay said, “Data integration is typically an extremely time-consuming, and often frustrating experience. Many of our clients have had unpleasant integration experiences with other software applications, which led us to develop the Synchrion architecture to ease their integration challenges. Through the Synchrion framework, we’re enabling companies to leverage their use of our software products to provide easier data transfer, improving the complementary nature of our software with established products in the marketplace. The Synchrion architecture is the next step in our web services strategy that began with our Proxis knowledge management suite. As we continue to execute our strategy, we will be able to dramatically reduce integration time and costs for all of our customers.”

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