Ovation rolls-out Encore Solution

Ovation Data Services’ Encore Solution aims to provide near-line tape-based storage to relieve Network Attached Storage bottlenecks and to cut costs.

Ovation Data Services (ODS) is targeting its nearline storage ‘Encore Solution’ at companies whose seismic data is outgrowing the capacity of their Network Attached Storage (NAS). Ovation argues that NAS storage is less cost effective than Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) software solutions driving tape robotic storage.


ODS’ Encore Solution automatically migrates seismic data from NAS disk storage to tape. The initial cost of a Encore solution for migrating up to 6TB of Static Seismic Surveys is only $0.026/MB. Subsequent data can be added for as little as $0.001/MB.


Ovation’s Encore Solution incorporates an end-user GUI interface and back office software to automatically manage the migration of seismic data according to configurable business rules. Encore allows disk storage usage to be optimized for current projects while older data is paged to the secure nearline system.


Encore provides up to four simultaneous tape copies for off-site disaster recovery. Ovation uses a non proprietary tape format for data independence. More from www.ovationdata.com.

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