Plexus and Tobin team on pipeline integrity

New Office of Pipeline Safety regulations are driving operators to review integrity in ‘high consequence areas’. A new software and service offering from Plexus Data Solutions and Tobin International helps companies analyze requirements and implement compliance.

Tobin International is to team up with Plexus Data Solutions to offer complete integrity assessment services to pipeline operators. The Tobin/Plexus Total Integrity Management Solution (TIMS) offering spans the analysis of essential data requirements and initial planning through to the implementation of a compliant integrity management program. The new offering brings the pipeline industry a set of tools for integrating operational data in a comprehensive GIS architecture.


Tobin VP Steve Ellis said, “Our Total Integrity Management Solution allows pipeline companies to monitor, search, access and analyze all the information they need, from disparate sources such as design and construction drawings, facility information, operational, inspection and repair reports, engineering drawings, right-of-way documents and environmental imagery, while complying with both the new and pending government regulations that affect their pipeline operations.”


The Office of Pipeline Safety’s new rules include the 49 Code of Federal Regulations 195.452 governing pipeline integrity in high consequence areas (HCAs). These new initiatives will have a significant financial impact on the operations of regulated and non-regulated pipelines in both the liquids and gas arenas.
Compliance auditing of pipelines is already underway. TIMS addresses the new regulations for HCAs by providing reports of incidents, identifying risks, and by documenting such information. TIMS also provides an effective means of communications between the pipeline company and third parties who might be impacted by an incident, through a public awareness mailing service.


Plexus president Dave Odom said, “The Tobin/Plexus team can now offer a full service package to address every requirement of the new regulatory initiatives. Having only a few of the pieces to the puzzle does not make companies compliant! Every pipeline company or operator needs to create its own unique program that meets the new government regulations.”


Tobin and Plexus will be offering in-house seminars to introduce the new, and pending, government compliance initiatives to pipeline companies. More from

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