Paradigm’s Reservoir Navigator

Paradigm’s Reservoir Navigator leverages disk cache technology to offer high-end visualization on ‘cheap’ hardware.

Paradigm’s new Reservoir Navigator (RN) offers high-end visualization à la Magic Earth on ‘cheap’ Sunblade hardware. RN can display a number of ‘probes’ simultaneously. These can be blocks of multi-attribute seismic volumes, maps, logs or structural frameworks. RN caches 20 – 30 GB of data on disk for interpretation, to give a high level of interactivity even when swapping to the cache.

3D Propagator

RN integrates volume-based and line-based interpretation, and advanced earth-modeling technologies with mapping and geostatistics, structural framework creation and geological reconstruction. Paradigm has also incorporated auto-tracking technology derived from Stratimagic into its flagship VoxelGeo product. 3D Propagator will also be available in Reservoir Navigator along with ‘on-the-fly’ computing of seismic attributes and interactive fault ‘accentuation.’

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