Rockware RockWorks 2002

RockWorks 2002 now offers deviated borehole data management and expanded OpenGL graphics.

RockWorks 2002 promises ‘beautiful 3D OpenGL graphics.’ RockWorks is a low-cost solution for mapping, contouring and solid models. RockWorks functionality also extends to volumetrics, logs, cross-sections, fence diagrams and more.

Data management

New in the 2002 release is a deviated well data management function allowing capture of lithology descriptions, stratigraphic formation names, geochemistry and geophysics data, fracture measurements, water level/aquifer data, log symbols and patterns.


A new RockPlot3D OpenGL plotting window displays borehole logs, fence diagrams, stratigraphy models and solid models such as contaminant plumes and oil and gas reservoirs. Other new features include a formation top picking tool, improved multi-lable point maps, and context-sensitive help.

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