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Petris is to incorporate a web-based upstream news service from Paris-based Exploservices in its Winds Now! enterprise portal.

Houston-based Petris Technology has signed a partnership agreement with Exploservices in France to market its upstream oil and gas industry news processing services EPNews. The agreement covers the promotion and sales of EPNews, operated by Exploservices. The internet-based news service for information lookup, personal alert management and archive search will be integrated as an option of the Petris Winds Now! enterprise portal.


Exploservices CEO Bernard Thierée said, “After three years of considerable progress in our domestic market, we are looking forward to expanding our services in the USA and Canada with Petris.”


The partnership brings more content to the solutions offered by Petris Technology to its clients, while strengthening its marketing activities in the US and Canada. Jim Pritchett, Petris CEO said, “Exploservices is a good complement to our growing body of software and services offered to the oil and gas industry. Its capabilities will enhance our users’ experience with Petris Winds Now!”


Exploservices was founded in 1990 as an upstream consulting company. EPNews was launched in 1998, and provides its clients with a service that continuously processes published news to produce business activity indicators which are stored in a relational database. The service provides ‘quick-look’ abstracts for worldwide coverage of business activities such as alliances, partnerships, acquisitions and mergers. More from and

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