A2D’s Log Preservation

A2D Technologies has announced a new ‘Log Preservation Initiative’ to safeguard the asset represented by deteriorating Mylar well log films.

Paper logs created from Mylar film have played a critical role in worldwide exploration and production. But today, many original logs are deteriorating in large, unmanaged storage facilities.


Deteriorating films and evolving technology render many of these original logs practically useless in their current form. But, according to A2D, their storage costs the industry ‘millions of dollars annually.’ A2D’s Log Preservation Initiative sets out to recover and preserve the original log images by scanning them to a permanent digital archive.

A2D needs YOU!

A2D is calling for owners of such log data to come forward and provide access to their Mylar logs. These will be digitized by A2D at no cost to the company. Better still, companies will receive a digital, raster image file of each log provided – free and immediately available online, via A2D’s Log-Line data library, today and perpetually!


A2D president Dave Kotowych stated, “The operator’s original film represents the most pristine copy of a log. This is what we are endeavoring to capture and preserve. It is in everyone’s interest to preserve the integrity of one of the largest and most valuable data assets in the oil and gas industry. In the end, exploration geologists will have access to first generation data, the best available.”

Reverse decline.

The Log Preservation Initiative seeks to reverse the steady decline in log quality by sourcing the original Mylar logs, and making pristine digital copies available online. Similar to non-profit work performed in the motion picture industry, the A2D Log Preservation Initiative will digitally preserve original Mylar films for future generations of exploration geologists.

Data management

A2D will be leveraging its recently announced well log data management service to capture and serve the preserved data. A2D Senior VP Rod Starr said, “Our data management services will provide new opportunities for our clients by eliminating the burden of in-house log data maintenance and storage.”


The new service allows companies to outsource management of their logs and offers seamless access to proprietary and commercially available logs in the A2D repository. ChevronTexaco is one client working with A2D to create and deploy log data standards for new wells and legacy data.

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