Enterprise GIS for Reliant

Reliant Energy’s latest GIS implementation uses ESRI’s ArcGIS to feed spatial enterprise data to some 3000 users in six states.

Houston-based Reliant Energy has just completed implementation of ArcGIS 8.1 in its Entex local delivery company. Reliant Energy’s regulated utilities serve nearly 4.6 million electric and natural gas customers in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Minnesota.

3000 users

Throughout the company there are currently approximately 3,000 GIS users including 200 staff editing the GIS database. Versioning is used to manage multiple-user editing of the GIS database to capture underground asset locating, pole attachment maintenance, streetlight asset management, supporting billing and maintenance, cathodic protection, gas network analysis, electric network analysis, and meter reader routing.

Miner & Miner

Reliant’s GIS includes ArcFM software from Miner and Miner and GTIView software from GIS Technologies, Inc. ESRI has developed a gas infrastructure Web viewer to provide view and query capabilities to district offices of data in the corporate database. Future applications include outage management with CES International, document imaging with GTI and FileNET, a design optimization tool, mobile data access for field crews, wireless real-time data collection and correction, and more.


Reliant GIS services manager Jeff Myerson said, “This is a true enterprise implementation that will grow and expand. What we have in place impacts not only the states served by Reliant Energy but our entire organization as well. Using an architecture based on Citrix Systems, Inc., software, even the remote Reliant Energy contract digitizers have access to the centralized data servers.”

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