Landmark’s TuningCube rollout

Landmark has just released new technology developed by BP and Apache Corp. Spectral Decomposition is said to ‘turn seismics into geology’.

Landmark’s latest ‘Tuning Cube’ a.k.a ‘SpecDecomp’ claims to ‘turn seismic data into geology’. The basic idea behind the Tuning Cube is to divide - or ‘decompose’ the seismic data into closely spaced bands of different dominant frequencies. These are re-assembled onto the map using a color coding scheme to offer a new type of seismic attribute - which Landmark claims is sensitive to geological facies.

Patented process

The process leverages techniques patented by BP and Apache Corp., although the way the technology is described makes it sound very similar to that developed in the mid 18th century by French mathematical whizz-kid Jean-Baptiste Fourier (but they probably have never heard of him at the Patents office!).


Murray Roth, Landmark VP of Exploration and Development Systems said, “Landmark’s spectral decomposition solutions will provide our customers unique and powerful methods to comprehend reservoir size and complexity. The success that BP and Apache are having with spectral decomposition begins a new wave in interpretation, moving well beyond amplitude analysis.”


Oil IT Journal quizzed BP’s Craig Cooper as to why, in this day of Open Source software, BP elected to patent the technique. Cooper told us that the patent was applied for several years ago and that anyhow the spectral decomposition algorithm was indeed in the public domain - on the Free USP website at

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