Drex embeds seismic in ER Mapper

Earth Resource Mapping is to resell 3D image processing technology from Drex Ltd. to facilitate the use of 3D seismic data in ER Mapper.

Image processing is recognized as a valuable way of enhancing seismic imagery to aid fault identification and to map facies. In fact much current ‘seismic processing’ – including edge detection and coherency analysis is available in standard image-processing packages. Spotting an opportunity, UK-based Drex Ltd. has developed an add-on module for the ER Mapper image processing and map visualization package.


Earth Resource Mapping has signed with Drex to resell its Advanced Seismic Analysis Toolbox (ASAT). ER Mapper allows for 2D structural and stratigraphic analysis of features within mapped and extracted seismic horizons. The ASAT technology extends the seismic use of ER Mapper to 3D data volumes.


Drex MD Andre Stout said “Building on top of the powerful mathematical engine and data visualization techniques of ER Mapper, ASAT provides the exploration geophysicist with unique and powerful coherency and waveform classification processing techniques that can now be applied to the 3D seismic domain at the beginning rather than at the end of seismic interpretation workflow.”


ER Mapping’s Petroleum Industry Manager, Mick Armstrong added, “ASAT provides all the necessary functionality to allow the ER Mapper PC user to load, process and interpret their industry standard 3D SEG-Y data in a quick and convenient manner and at a fraction of the cost of equivalent technologies. The toolbox has already been adopted by industry leaders who report reduced cycle time with a correspondingly improved cost/benefit ratio.”

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