PFAS well planner

New software from ITCAS offers well data management including borehole stability computation.

Integrated Technology Consultants AS has released a new version of its Planning and Field Application (PFAS) well planning, data management and analysis package. PFAS allows for recalculation and update of well prognoses during drilling. PFAS takes a multi-discipline approach and captures geological, drilling and well-bore stability data.

Open system

After completion of a well, PFAS generates a final well report, along with post-analysis and lessons learned. PFAS is described as an ‘open system’ and is usable by both experts for in-depth analysis, and by ‘geologists and others’ for every day well applications.


PFAS clients include PDVSA, Conoco, TotalFinaElf, IFP, Chevron, Intevep, BP-Amoco. Norsk Hydro used the software on its deepwater Scarabeo 5 rig to drill in 1351m water depth. The new version - PFAS Plus 6.0 – adds new data types, log handling, databasing and project management to the standard PFAS functionality. More from

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