Full-field simulation

Landmark’s ‘True Full-Field’ technology performs simulation from reservoir to the tank.

Landmark has released its ‘True Full-Field Simulation’ (TFFS) reservoir and facilities modeling package for field development and production optimization. TFFS is an add-on to VIP, Landmark’s reservoir simulation package. TFFS aims to ‘right size’ surface facilities and pipeline networks, and optimize reservoir performance.

Data Studio

TFFS concurrently simulates compositional fluid flow in both the reservoir and surface facilities. 3D visualization of surface facilities, reservoir models, drilling information and other subsurface information provides the visual context and collaboration platform for the entire team. The process is coordinated through VIP Data Studio, a new Windows-based desktop user interface.


Landmark simulation guru John Killough said “Landmark’s reservoir simulators have been leading the industry for years and we continue to innovate with the only coupled surface/subsurface solution available today.”

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