GeoLogic releases LithoTect

Geo-Logic Systems is to release LithoTect - a new structural and stratigraphic interpretation and modeling tool.

Geo-Logic Systems (GLC) is to commercialize its LithoTect structural and stratigraphic interpretation software. LithoTect creates and validates geological interpretations through restoration and balancing. LithoTect offers structural restoration/forward modeling techniques including decompaction and isostatic calculation on seismic data.


GLS president Jim Geiser said, “For dealing with the real complexities of geological interpretation, or ‘uncomplicating the complicated,’ LithoTect is the right budget-saving tool.” GLS began work on its structural restoration software in 1983. LithoTect’s earth modeling framework EMAF ‘transforms raw data into geological knowledge.’ GLC is to use INT’s J/GeoToolkit to develop the commercial release of LithoTect.

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