Seismic petrophysics boutiques join forces

eSeis recently acquired Ulterra Geosciences and GeoScope Exploration Technologies before merging with Exploration Specialty Processing of Houston.

Four seismic petrophysics boutiques are to join forces. eSeis, Inc. has acquired Calgary-based Ulterra Geoscience and GeoScope Exploration Technologies and has also merged with Houston-based Exploration Specialty Processing.


e Seis CEO Shawn Porche said, “We are excited about the opportunity to more broadly introduce seismic petrophysics, through the combined efforts of these companies. eSeis’ proprietary LithSeis technology has been used with spectacular results in several basins, and will now be available globally to a broad range of E&P companies.”


Ulterra Geoscience was established in 1992 to perform geophysical R&D with a focus on rock/fluid interpretation technology. Ulterra’s products have been marketed by GeoScope Exploration Technologies since 1998. Exploration Specialty Processing has been providing advanced data processing, inversion, and AVO modeling services for the Houston oil and gas industry since 1996.

e SeisNet

e Seis will continue to deliver its products and services via the Internet, using eSeisNet thin-client technology, allowing remote access for calibration and delivery of seismic data. Beside Porche, eSeis’ officers include Roger Young (CTO), formerly CEO and CTO of Exploration Specialty Processing, Dan Morris (President) and Devon Dowell (COO). Dowell was President of Coherence Technology Company before its acquisition by Core Lab.

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