Well planning and real-time steering

Paradigm’s new DirectorGeo toolkit supports well planning and simultaneous high-end visualization. The software offers real-time collaboration between earth scientists and drilling engineers.

Paradigm Geophysical has released a new directional well planning and survey management system, DirectorGeo. The new product collaborates with Paradigm’s flagship volume-based interpretation and visualization system VoxelGeo. Paradigm recommends using the two products in concert for geological target selection and well planning in 3D.


Paradigm senior VP John Wearing said, “Industry experts are predicting that new drilling solutions, combined with high-end visualization and real-time controls, will yield significant savings. Our combined product offerings present an opportunity for us to enter a large new market, working with drilling contractors and the drilling departments of oil and gas exploration and production companies.”


A typical workflow involves prospects development within VoxelGeo. Horizons and auto-extracted geobodies are then picked up in DirectorGeo for well planning. During the planning process, the well path can be visualized dynamically in VoxelGeo. This allows for in-context viewing of driller’s targets, wellpath positional uncertainty and casing points.


The system facilitates simultaneous viewing of previously-drilled wells, anti-collision analysis and mud program selection. Wellpath data is stored in the drilling relational database for further engineering and drillability analysis, using Paradigm’s suite of integrated drilling engineering applications.


DirectorGeo’s ‘Project Ahead’ system uses real-time MWD data to ensure accurate target intersection. DirectorGeo is available on Windows, and VoxelGeo is available on Windows, Sun and SGI platforms.

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