Veritas and I/O ally

Input/Output’s VectorSeis will be deployed in N. America on Vertitas’ field crews. The multi-component acquisition technology will be launched with a 10,500 channel system.

Veritas DGC Inc is to ally with Input/Output, Inc. to promote the use of multi-component seismic acquisition using I/O’s VectorSeis digital acquisition. The Alliance, which covers land acquisition in North America includes processing, interpretation and marketing of data acquired with the technology on both contract and non-exclusive terms. Under the terms of the Alliance, Veritas and Input/Output will share revenues arising from data acquired through the Alliance.


Veritas CEO Dave Robson said “Our trials clearly demonstrate the value of VectorSeis technology in both P-wave acquisition, as well as in multi-component acquisition, where the additional information gathered greatly enhances the knowledge required to help our customers exploit their existing reservoirs.”

10,500 channels

Together, the companies have acquired and processed 16 VectorSeis surveys in 2001. The first Alliance crew, equipped with 3,500 stations (10,500 channels) will initially work in Western Canada.

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