Petris Winds Internet Dashboard

Petris Technology has rolled decision-support technology from SmartMoney into its PetrisWinds enterprise data application.

The Petris Winds Internet Dashboard leverages SmartMoney’s award winning Map of the Market to visualize key performance indicators derived from upstream data assets.

Complex data sets

The web-based tool provides a graphical representation of complex E&P data sets. Early adopters have found the Dashboard to help analyze the health of a company’s assets, projects or facility performance.


The Dashboard enables real-time visualization of patterns, trends, anomalies and data inconsistencies. Petris has enhanced the SmartMoney technology, originally developed for the financial services sector, by allowing users to create a map using a dynamic link to a database or an Excel template. This feature gives the user broad flexibility in the use of the Dashboard and provides a standard for exchanging Dashboard views, or ‘maps’.


Rene Calderon, Petris VP of software development explained, “The Dashboard creates a hierarchy of data, allowing one to ‘drill down’ into various levels of data presented. Users can then visualize a map of their data where numeric values are shown as rectangles of various sizes, colors and position. By visualizing vital asset information at a glance, managers become more efficient, productive and responsive.” The Internet Dashboard offers views of corporate data from different time periods. Top-performing assets, or problem data sources can be highlighted by entering the asset’s name.


The original work on adapting Smart Money was done last year for Burlington Resources which uses Petris’ technology in its corporate decision support system. More from

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