IES releases Petromod V7.0

Integrated Exploration Systems (IES) is currently shipping a new version its basin modeling package PetroMod.

PetroMod 7.0 offers a completely updated 1D package, revised input editing across the whole suite - with linked spreadsheets and graphics - and a new suite of 2D and 3D viewers. These include flash calculators so that all reservoir and accumulation properties and volumetrics can be analyzed under both subsurface and surface conditions.

Ray tracing

The new release, version 7.0, boasts a range of simulation methods, such as Darcy, flow path (ray tracing) or a hybrid process. PetroMod claims to be the only system with fully PVT-controlled modeling of n-component/3-phase relationships over the entire migration process. These include simple ratio, symmetrical black oil and flash
calculations and well as gas diffusion modeling, in both 2D and 3D.

Hybrid simulation

IES’ hybrid migration modeling technology provides a tight link between modeling methods during simulation, and enables detailed, high-resolution models to be comprehensively processed. Hybrid modeling improves calculation of hydrocarbon leakage in reservoirs and scale-independent processing, as hydrocarbon column heights are independent of cell sizes in the model.

Open System

IES offers an ‘open system’ allowing geometric and parametric data to be exchanged with other modeling packages. Binary data linkage is also offered to industry leading packages such as SeisWorks and OpenWorks, and to GeoQuest’s IESX, Charisma and GeoFrame. PetroMod 7.0 is available on Unix, Linux and Windows NT/2000.

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