Petroleum Economics training

NExT has developed an interactive ’e-learning’ course in Petroleum Economics. The e-school includes a simulated boardroom discussion.

The Network of Excellence in Training (NexT), a joint-venture between Schlumberger, Heriot-Watt, Texas A&M and Oklahoma universities has announced its new Petroleum Economics ‘e-Learning’ computer-based training. Petroleum Economics Interactive (PEI) is an 8-hour e-Learning series designed to give a solid founding in economic concepts relevant to the upstream petroleum industry. The subject matter is presented using real-life scenarios and fictional characters involved in a typical exploration and production investment decision.

Interactive challenge

PEI’s seven learning modules are Cash Flow Basics, Revenue, Expenditure, Fiscal Systems, Risk Analysis, and Investment Analysis. The series culminates in an interactive challenge that tests the student’s understanding of the material. A simulated board of directors meeting requires the student to apply concepts learned throughout the series to make the correct recommendation to the board. PEI is available for deployment on company networks or on CDs.


NExT CEO Claude Roulet, said “This latest addition to the NExT Interactive e-Learning catalog follows the successful launch of our ‘E&P Interactive’ series which gives an introduction to the upstream oil business. These training programs combine excellent content developed by the NexT virtual faculty, and world-class digital animations from TechnoMedia. Like E&P Interactive, which has already been adopted by several E&P operators as a substitute for new-hire classroom training, PEI delivers solid value for both non-economics professionals in the industry and support staff in a wide range of specialties.” More from

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