IHS Energy DrillingWire on web

IHS is migrating its hard copy drilling information data to the web - offering ’push’ technology driven alerts for user-defined areas of interest.

IHS Energy Group has released Drilling Wire on the Web (DWW), tracking all current U.S. active drilling and completions within hours of release. DWW delivers information culled from IHS Energy’s nationwide network of scouts and news sources offering subscribers information on new permits, staked locations, drilling wells and new completions.

Personalized search

DWW was previously available in hard copy. The online version permits interactive search on criteria such as completion date, operator, depth and location. A personalized report generator lets users define an area of interest (AOI) such as the drilling progress of wells that meet certain criteria. Once the AOI has been defined, users can be notified by email of new activity, eliminating the need for continuous monitoring.

News on demand

Also included with their subscription is the Energy News on Demand service, which offers in-depth editorial news, lease-sales data, regulatory activity, legislation, and oil and gas prices, which are published every 15 minutes.


DWW product manager Steve Trammel said, “Customers who previously received our hard copy reports are enthusiastic about the new Web-based product. All employees now have immediate access to critical information, much of it updated daily. DWW offers a powerful, discriminating search engine, eliminating the hassle of keeping up with hard copy reports. It doesn't take long for customers to realize the value and cost savings of our new, Web-based product.” More from www.ihsenergy.com.

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