Open Source freebies

Open Source software is a reality. Depending on your operating system and needs you might like to try free word processing, spreadsheets, geostatistics, seismic processing or GIS!

Gnome Office aims to produce a productivity suite composed of entirely free software. Gnumeric is the spreadsheet/math intended ‘to replace commercial spreadsheets.’ We tried AbiWord - pretty neat stuff! More from

Gstat performs multidimensional geostatistical modeling, prediction and simulation in one, two, or three dimensions. Options include kriging and cokriging. Gstat cooperates with GRASS GIS (see below). Download your own trial from

GMT is an open source collection of around 60 UNIX tools for manipulating 2 and 3 dimensional data sets. GMT functions include filtering, trend fitting, gridding and projections. More from

The Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS - is an open source Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality.

Seismic Unix (SU) is free software for seismic processing from the Colorado School of Mines. SU is distributed with the full source code, so that users can alter and extend its capabilities. Download your code from

Open CasCade is an Open Source tool for 3D modeling. Its fields of application range from mechanical CAD and analysis to architectural engineering and geographical information systems (GIS). More from and

If you fancy checking out the most-used web server in the world - download Apache - either the source code or a Windows binary from

MySQL - a free database running in PHP - a web scripting environment - deployed notably on the website. More from and

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