Landmark to resell FastTracker modeler

Landmark has chosen Volumetrix’ FastTracker modeling package to resell along with its GeoGraphix Discovery suite. FastTracker offers petroleum engineers modeling rigor and flexibility thanks to innovative knowledge management techniques.

Landmark’s GeoGraphix unit is to resell VoluMetrix’ FastTracker Windows-based reservoir model building software. The agreement gives GeoGraphix worldwide distribution and marketing rights over the FastTracker reservoir modeling and visualization product.


FastTracker uses innovative model building technology that includes automatic documenting and recording of the model building process. FastTracker’s ‘UpdateAbility’ functionality records every step in the model building process and allows for editing of model building steps so that a new model can be built incorporating updated information or new hypotheses.


FastTracker, an interactive, dynamic system, provides geoscientists and engineers with the ability to assemble relevant geologic, logging and seismic information to build 3-D models based on a reservoir’s lithological and physical properties prior to export to the flow simulator. FastTracker extends the geophysical and geological workflow of GeoGraphix’ Discovery solutions suite downstream to 3-D reservoir modeling visualization and upscaling for export to the flow simulator.


Landmark president and CEO John Gibson said, “Adding FastTracker to the GeoGraphix Discovery solution is an indication of Landmark’s commitment to the PC revolution in the E&P marketplace. The availability of FastTracker as part of Discovery allows our customers to integrate workflows from prospect generation to reservoir modeling on their Windows-based desktop.”


Volumetrix MD David Cram told PDM “FastTracker was designed from scratch with the Petroleum Engineer in mind. The underlying philosophy is that it is the business process - not just building a model - that counts.”

Decision Driven

Volumetrix origins go back to Sperry-Sun and Dresser and an old BP Alsaka project - ‘Decision Driven Reservoir Modeling.’ FastTracker, developed in C++ with no legacy code or libraries, takes a rigorous approach to making and updating the model. There is no manual ‘fiddling’ with the data inside the model - users can only manipulate the input. All objects - faults, horizons etc. - ‘know’ their ancestors and descendants. A right mouse click reveals object dependencies.

Drag & drop

Windows drag and drop functionality is exploited so that a model can be dropped onto the section viewer. A range of modeling options are available - Monte Carlo simulation, Geostatistics and geo-object modeling. The Landmark deal initially ties Volumetrix FastTracker to the PC-world of GeoGraphix. Subsequent extension into the UNIX OpenWorks environment is probable.

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