ITF 2002 call

The UK government’s Industry Technology Facilitator is calling for research proposals for 2002. For the first time, contractors are allowed to submit.

The UK’s Industry Technology Facilitator is seeking proposals for its 2002 program in fields such as high resolution imaging, ‘brown field’ reservoir management, increasing recovery efficiency, accessing small reserves and improved well placement. The ITF is also interested in ideas for innovative technology that does not fall within the main themes but could significantly benefit the UK’s oil and gas industry. Proposals that do not fall within the themes will be assessed at regular intervals throughout the year.

Special fund

New for 2002, is a special fund for potentially ‘game-changing’ technologies that are at an early, uncertain stage in their development. Under the Pioneer Programme, operators and major contractors will be invited to contribute to the fund. This will then be allocated to small pre-JIP projects in such a manner as to spread the risk between the contributors. The first contribution to the Pioneer Programme Fund will come from ITF itself, with £50,000 from 2001’s operating surplus being used to kick-start this important initiative.

Contractors welcome

Previously ITF membership was restricted to oil companies. For 2002 onwards, ITF is ‘seeking closer links’ with the service sector. More from

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