IHS Property Market

IHS Energy Group’s Canadian unit AccuMap has released IHS PropertyMarket, a web-based portal on Canadian oil and gas properties.

IHS PropertyMarket offers instant visibility of Canadian oil and gas properties to the 7,000 users of AccuMap, claimed as Canada’s most widely used desktop exploration tool.


IHS’ Kris Dudas said, “AccuMap users can simply turn on a map layer in the AccuMap desktop mapping application and access the latest information on available properties. It’s like having an oil and gas property realtor at your disposal for the Western Canadian Basin.”


Accumap CTO Ganesh Murdeshwar added, “This is a huge advance in ease-of-use and customer reach in acquisition and divestiture. If you want to search for available properties today, you’d have to leave your AccuMap environment and perhaps log on to as many as 20 different Web sites.”


For property advertisers, PropertyMarket offers the most direct access to the largest market in Canada. More from www.ihspropertymarket.com.

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